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No one has more experience improving revenues for medical practices using the AdvancedMD™ platform than the folks at AgilityMD™.

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While the AdvancedMD™ software platform is an excellent system, it is only a tool. The folks at AgilityMD, a division of PractiSource, LLC, know how to get the most out of that tool. AgilityMD has a singular goal: To Maximize Revenue for our clients with the highest levels of customer service and support.

Achieving that goal starts with experience.


Our owners and managers average more than 25 years in the medical billing and RCM field. We have provided medical billing and RCM services to medical practices since the late 1980’s. We’ve worked with thousands of medical practices along the way. Our team has also developed some serious software along the way including practice management software systems, E.H.R.’s, clearinghouses, and proprietary system interoperability programs. 

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When it comes to AdvancedMD™ – specific experience – well we’ve got you more than covered there too.


For example:

  • Our billers and managers have been working on the AdvancedMD™ software platform since before AdvancedMD™ was even known as AdvancedMD™. We go that far back.

  • Much of our Senior Leadership team were managers  or principals at PhyLogic Healthcare (the largest user in the world of AdvancedMD™) until 2011 when PhyLogic was acquired by ADP AdvancedMD™.

  • Our senior leadership has served on the AdvancedMD™ advisory board

  • Many of our leaders, managers, and medical billing staff worked for AdvancedMD™. For example, our CEO, Markus Muhlhauser was a member of the AdvancedMD™ Executive Team and served as AdvancedMD™’s Vice President of Business Development. (This was after he was CEO of PhyLogic Healthcare.)

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While we are a growing company with a huge amount of experience, we should also point out that we provide our services with a commitment to enthusiastic (borderline fanatical!) customer service and support.  To that end, we work in a unique small approach right here in the U.S.A.. No assembly lines, no waiting for some unknown representative to get back with you. Instead, we work very closely, hand-in-hand with our clients to help them achieve their goals.


So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We would love to hear from you and learn about you!

So what does AgilityMD do?

It’s pretty simple really - we maximize reimbursement for our clients and do so with the highest levels of customer service and support. AgilityMD provides medical billing and revenue cycle management services to medical practices in a manner which helps ensure that your claims are paid quickly and properly and that claims don’t fall through the cracks. We do so in a manner which allows the practice to concentrate on providing medical care, while we concentrate on getting you paid properly.


You work hard serving your patients, and you deserve to get paid. Insurance payers work hard instituting policies, procedures, and work flows all of which seemed to be aimed at making it more difficult to get paid properly. AgilityMD combines the latest technologies with experienced reimbursement professionals to ensure that you can fight fire with fire, and get paid.


Stop allowing dollars to fall between the cracks. Most medical practices have a hard enough time just keeping up with with the day to day tasks associated with basic billing functions, and do not have the time, procedures or protocols to aggressively follow-up on outstanding dollars (A/R). In contrast, when you choose AgilityMD, we not only accurately take care of all of your billing and payment processing functions, but we dedicate significant resources to aggressively pursuing outstanding claims.  We incorporate the latest technologies such as insurance specific follow-up engines and predictive claims management tools. Couple this with our dedicated reimbursement specialists, and the results are outstanding.


We make it simple.We take care of the complete management of the revenue cycle so you can concentrate on patient care.


Our services generally include the following:


  • Complete implementation and setup of billing processes, systems, procedures and controls

  • Demographic, insurance and charge entry with multiple options including electronic charge capture, EHR integration, or paper

  • Electronic claims submission 

  • Generation and mailing any non-electronic insurance claims

  • Patient Billing (including statements and pre-collection letters)

  • Resolution of patient and insurance payer billing inquiries

  • Aggressive follow-up of unpaid claims. Includes denial management, researching claim history, appeals, insurance correspondence..etc.

  • Refund processing

  • Financial Practice Management Reporting

  • Advanced Data Analytics



AgilityMD is a full-service medical billing and revenue cycle management company. While most of our competitors force their clients to perform much of the work such as claim submission and scrubbing, AgilityMD handles these tasks for you…so you can concentrate on patient care.