AgilityAR Old Accounts Receivable Services

Medical Practice Accounts Receivable

A no-risk, “pay only once you get paid” second chance at getting the most out of your AR.

Let AgilityMD breathe life into your AdvancedMD Accounts Receivables and capture revenue which may otherwise go uncollected.


Most medical practices have a hard enough time keeping up with basic billing functions. Naturally, just getting claims out the door to insurance payers in a timely manner is the priority. After that comes payment posting, secondary billing, and patient billing.  However, in many medical practices, the active and aggressive follow-up on old Accounts Receivables takes a back seat to these and other functions. Many practices leave substantial amounts of money on the table because they did not have the time or ability to fight insurance payers for outstanding or rejected claims.  Without the aggressive pursuit of these claims, the insurance companies keep money that rightfully belongs to you for the hard work you performed. That’s where AgilityAR comes in.


With AgilityAR services, our team of highly experienced billing experts will review your old outstanding claims (Accounts Receivable), research claim status, fix and/or appeal claims, resubmit to the appropriate payers and follow-up with insurances in order to get you paid.  


Why should you give AgilityAR a shot at collecting your old AdvancedMD Accounts Receivables?


  • Collect money from old claims which may not otherwise get paid 

  • No risk – you only pay us once we get you paid. So nothing to lose, only money to gain.

  • Very little involvement or effort required from the medical office staff

  • Provides you one of the most experienced AdvancedMD billing teams in the world to work for you


Keep in mind, however, that the longer you wait, the less likely it is you will get paid for your outstanding claims due to factors like insurance timely filing policies and “days to appeal” rules..etc.   So the sooner you act, the more money we can likely collect for you.


Getting started is extremely simple and can take less than 15 minutes. So what are the steps involved? They are actually quite easy:


  1. Initial Phone Discussion – we meet with you online to discuss your practice specifics and answer any questions about these services. 

  2. Sign a Patient Confidentiality Form (HIPAA)

  3. AgilityAR Analysis. With your permission, we simply log into your billing system, review your AR, audit outstanding claims, call payers on sample audit claims for status.

  4. Findings Call – We have a second quick call together to review what we found in our Accounts Receivable Analysis and then determine together if our services would be of benefit. (And if you don’t believe we would be of benefit to your practice, at least you have some good information on the financial health of your billing operation.)

  5. Start of Services – Should you feel that our services would be of tangible benefit to your medical practice, we can start working on getting your old claims paid almost immediately.


The entire time frame for all of these steps can be as few as two days. We would love to hear from you. There is absolutely no obligation to do anything. 


The decision is yours….Let the insurance companies keep your money – or let us go after it for you. 


AgilityAR Services by AgilityMD.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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