Frequently asked questions

What makes AgilityMD different from other medical billing companies?

AgilityMD is a different mostly because of our high levels of expertise and experience in maximizing revenues for medical practices. Our US-based small team approach really sets us apart from a personalized, customer service experience standpoint. However, we are probably best known for our ability to collect more revenue for our medical practices. Having more experience on the AdvancedMD billing system than any other company helps as well!

Why should I outsource my medical billing?

Outsourcing billing isn’t right for everyone. And choosing the right billing partner is just as important as the decision to outsource. When outsourcing to AgilityMD and PractiSource, medical practices generally see improved collections, more efficient workflows, fewer headaches for both providers and office staff and an improvement in office efficiencies. Medical practices are also able to mitigate staffing concerns while simultaneously gaining more aggregate resources through their partnership with AgilityMD. For more info, please visit our “why outsource” page at

How do you handle patient billing inquiries?

We know your patients are the lifeblood of your practice, and we treat them accordingly. AgilityMD will set up dedicated, local phone lines or toll-free numbers for each practice’s patients. Our U.S.-based staff answers all of these calls as your billing office in a professional and friendly manner. We are not a collection agency. Instead we are there to help assist your patients with their bill and explain why an amount is owed. We are also able to administrate very patient-centric budget plans or other address special financial needs.

Does your company send out patient statements and perform patient follow ups?

Absolutely. PractiSource’s AgilityMD medical billing services includes complete patient billing functions including patient statements, friendly patient letters as well as a patient billing call center which is answered specifically for your medical clinic. We also offer online patient billing options as well. We understand how important your patients are to your practice and we treat all patients with courtesy and respect. Our focus is on providing your patients with genuine help and assistance with their bills, rather than a hard-nosed approach which can alienate them. Furthermore, we can implement many patient friendly billing policies as well such as online payments and budget plans. We are here to help!

Do you follow up on unpaid claims?

Absolutely. When most people think of a medical billing service, they envision large groups of employees entering data in billing computer systems like AdvancedMD. The reality is that while we do have to accurate enter quite a bit of information into the system, much of that processes has become extremely efficient through the use of advanced technologies. These efficiencies now allow the bulk of our human resources to be actually spent on claims follow-up and holding insurance payers responsible for unpaid claims. Combine these efficiencies with our highly experienced revenue cycle management and billing experts and the result is more money for the medical practice.

What software do you use to manage the billing process?

AgilityMD medical billing services are heavily geared toward the use of AdvancedMD technologies (with that said we use other technologies as well if requested such as OpenPM software and Meridian VertexDr). Our executive leadership has not only served as executives within the AdvancedMD organization, but has also run the largest AdvancedMD billing service in the world. If your practice used AdvancedMD internally or with another billing service, we can certainly help. If you are not on AdvanceMD, there is no better way to get on the system than with AgilityMD. And if you prefer a different system, our parent company, PractiSource, provides similar billing and revenue cycle management services on other software platforms – one of which is likely a good fit for your medical practice. Just contact us for a free analysis to see which is best for you.

Am I able to see my practice financials whenever I want?

Absolutely. You will have complete, real time access to your patient and financial information 24 hours a day. You can see exactly what we do, whenever we do it, from anywhere. We believe in complete transparency. It’s your money and you deserve to have complete, unhindered access to your data at all times. It’s just the way we work.

How much is your service going to cost?

Many people ask the price of our service which gets confused with the true cost and value. From a pricing perspective, we have a number of flexible pricing models. Most clients opt for a percentage of net collections model which often includes just about everything billing-related as well as the AdvancedMD subscription. But the true value of our service is something else. Our reputation stands on our ability to improve revenues for our practices while improving office efficiencies. So, the true value is not just in what it costs, but what the resultant value is to your practice. With that said, AgilityMD is not a low-cost leader. We invest more time and human resources into things like claims follow-up than most of our competitors. Does this cost a little more? Yes. However, we tend to collect more than enough to off-set the difference.

Benjamin Franklin once stated, “The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten”. We couldn’t agree more. The real question then becomes not what does our service cost, but what does it cost your practice not to use our service. Give us a call to discuss pricing, you will likely find our premier services are more affordable than you think.

How quickly are you able to take on my medical practice as a client?

This really depends on two factors. First, the service we are asked to perform (ie. Full service billing or Old Accounts Receivable-only work for example). Second, is it a new startup, or are we taking over an existing AdvancedMD data base (office key). For old Accounts Receivable projects we can generally get up and running in just a few short days. The same goes for us taking over the billing if your practice is currently setup on AdvancedMD. A new practice setup takes a bit longer – normally 30-60 days – since we need to setup your billing system from scratch and then register your practice with electronic claims (EDI agreements…etc.). Each situation is unique. Simply contact us and we would be happy to provide an estimated time table based on your individual needs.

Are there any system requirements to use your billing services?

Yes, but there are very basic. Generally speaking you will need either a PC or a Mac computer with internet connectivity. This allows you to use the system for reporting, appointment scheduling. If you are using our E.H.R. along with our billing and revenue cycle management services, you might want a more portable device such as a light laptop or a tablet. We also offer an app which allows for many integrated functions right on your smart phone.

What do you need from our practice to get started?

Our implementation team will guide you through the entire process and set up the AdvancedMD billing system without the need for your practice to do a lot of work. We have a custom “step” program for each clinic in which we gather all of the information required to get started. We are very flexible and can get that information from you in a number of ways. For example, we will need basic practice information such as NPI numbers, providers, service locations, and the medical services performed. We will meet with you weekly to review options and preferences and will have you up and maximizing revenue very quickly!

What is included in your service?

Our medical billing and revenue cycle management services generally include the following:

  • Complete implementation and setup of billing processes, systems, procedures and controls
  • Demographic, insurance and charge entry with multiple options including electronic charge capture, EHR integration, or manual methodologies
  • Electronic claims submission, including scrubbing and human reviews.
  • Generation and mailing any non-electronic insurance claims
  • Patient Billing (including statements and pre-collection letters and a patient call center)
  • Resolution of patient and insurance payer billing inquiries
  • Aggressive follow-up of unpaid claims. Includes denial management, researching claim history, appeals, insurance correspondence etc.
  • Refund processing
  • Financial Practice Management Reporting
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Compete Practice Management Software systems and EHR (EHR Optional)

AgilityMD is a full-service medical billing and revenue cycle management company. While most of our competitors force their clients to perform much of the work such as claim submission and scrubbing, AgilityMD handles these tasks for you…so you can concentrate on patient care.

Do you provide practice management reports?

We provide a variety of ways of looking into your practice data. Reporting, while very important, is only one. We also include complete drill down medical practice business analytics. It is said that a picture says a thousand words. The same is true for our medical practice analytics suite which allows you to visually see everything from key performance indicators to financial trends and more. We are happy to provide you with a complete demonstration of our reports and practice analytics.

Will you train existing staff on the new processes?

Absolutely. We provide detailed training to you and your staff on every aspect of our services and systems. There is no fee for this training.