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If you are currently using AdvancedMD in conjunction with a medical billing service, and are interested in improving the financial performance of your medical practice - you are in the right spot!

If you are using AdvancedMD to do billing in-house click here, and if you are not using AdvancedMD at all, just click here - we've got you covered too!

Current Users of AdvancedMD Medical Billing Services

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Now that we have you in the right place, let's take a look at what's going on.

Typically, medical practices outsource their billing functions to an outside medical billing service / revenue cycle management company to accomplish a few things:

  • Maximize Practice Revenues (Collect more money);

  • Improve Efficiencies;

  • Eliminate Staffing Issues; and,

  • Make life easier so that they can concentrate on making patients better.


But sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.  Some billing services force the practice to work with them in ways that might be best for the billing service, but don't take the individual needs of each client into consideration. Others ask the practice to perform functions that the practice thought the billing service would provide as part of their services.  While others lack the experience and expertise to manage the revenue cycle in a manner that optimizes the collections of the practices hard-earned revenues.

And in the end, some medical billing service companies leave their clients feeling like they are in the dark - with little insight into their data, financial performance and other metrics. Therefore, many practices simply don’t know how well they are actually performing.

If any of this sounds familiar - then perhaps it is time to look at new potential solutions.

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Perhaps it is time to look into AgilityMD services by PractiSource. PractiSource is a full service medical billing and revenue cycle management company. Our goal is quite simple, to maximize revenues for medical practices with the highest levels of customer service and support. We are a completely US-based operation which works one on one with our clients in a very customer-focused manner. Before we work with any new client, we perform extensive reviews to make certain that the practice is a good match for our services and vice-versa.


Time for a review?

AgilityMD offers a completely free analysis of your current billing and reimbursement performance, efficiency, processes, and work-flows. This may help you confirm that your current company is doing a good job, or it could show that there are areas of improvement. Either way, it never hurts to check.