AdvancedMD™ + AgilityMD™ = Happy M.D.’s

AgilityMD offers seamless add-on services to your existing AdvancedMD™ system which allow you to achieve optimal financial outcomes and the ability to concentrate on patient care.

In-House Users of AdvancedMD Software

 AdvancedMD Billing Service

If you use AdvancedMD™ medical office software to perform your own billing in-house and wish to improve your revenue collections, you are in the right place.

First, rest easy, you are using one of the very best practice management and E.H.R. systems available. And you are in good company with over 25,000 other medical providers using the same platform. With that said, just because you using the right software, doesn’t mean that your practice truly knows how (and has the time) to utilize the system in a manner which ensures maximized revenues. 

Medical office software is only a tool – and simply purchasing and using that tool does not ensure optimal financial outcomes. Only highly trained experts with vast experience in billing and revenue cycle management, related technologies, and best practices (along with the right resources) will achieve optimal results. 

That’s where AgilityMD comes in. First, our experts can show you if you are using the AdvancedMD™ system optimally. We will review your billing processes and AR management to determine how efficiently you are collecting revenues. Second, we show you if and where money is falling through the cracks. Third, if appropriate, we can show you how AgilityMD can improve your practice performance. 

AgilityMD Services are designed to:

  • Improve Practice Revenues

  • Capture income more quickly

  • Properly manage all billing process to maximize revenues

  • Manage the Accounts Receivable and follow-up on unpaid claims 

  • Provide detailed practice financial analytics

  • Reduce staff time needed for administrative tasks

  • Streamline the use of the AdvancedMD™ system

  • Allow medical practices to improve profits which focusing on patient care.


Is AgilityMD right for my practice?

Unlike most medical billing and RCM companies, we do not make blanket claims or up-front assumptions concerning how much more money we can collect or how much better life will be if you just selected us. Instead, we offer a free analysis to determine whether or not we are a good fit.  There is no cost and no commitment… just good information to help your practice. We guarantee it will be informative and it may even be a little fun!  

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