How To Change Current Medical Billing Services to AdvancedMD

Medical Billing Services

Isn’t changing billing services difficult?

Not at all! The folks at AgilityMD have assisted in hundreds of transitions of the years and are able to make the process a simple and pleasant one. With that said, let’s look at some of the concerns some physicians and administrators have in changing billing services, and how AgilityMD addresses these concerns.

  • Concern: “I don’t want to change software or have to change systems.”​
    Solution: AgilityMD, and partner of AdvancedMD, can seamlessly transition using the software you are already using. We are also typically able to work with your current billing company to complete a worry free transition which is fair to all parties and that involves no down time to the practice. We will, however, work with your practice to see if there are more efficient and time-saving ways to use the technology you currently have in place.


  • Concern: “I am afraid if we switch billing companies, there will be a delay in cash”
    Solution: With AgilityMD’s transition process, we ensure that you are setup for success before we even start, making this concern a non-issue. In fact, we are typically able to get claims out the door faster and more accurately than our competition – leading to improved cash flow. When combined with our vast experience in managing the revenue cycle, this leads to not only faster payment cycles, but improved overall collections as well.


  • Concern: What if my new company isn't any better than my old company?
    (The devil you know is better than the devil you don't know syndrome)
    Solution: AgilityMD has a unique sales process which is driven by the underlying principle that we will not attempt to sell our services to a client which will not tangibly benefit from the change to our billing services. Therefore, we conduct an analysis of billing, processes, workflows and costs prior to even proceeding with a proposal for services. Sometimes, we find that the practice would be fine without us and we may suggest a few minor changes. Often, we find that we can perform billing better and with fewer requirements from the practice’s staff.  We review these results with the practice and introduce them to the team of folks with whom they will be working at AgilityMD prior to any decisions being made. It’s a refreshing way of doing business, and helps ensure that the relationships we form with our medical practice clients are long and mutually beneficial.


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