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AgilityMD to offer Free Billing and Accounts Receivable Analysis to Medical Practices

Starting February, 2020, AgilityMD will begin providing free medical billing and Accounts Receivable analysis to users of AdvancedMD medical office software.

After nearly twenty years of working with medical practices on the AdvancedMD medical billing software system, the RCM professionals at AgilityMD have found that over 90 percent of practices that use the system do not use it in a way which truly maximizes revenue for the practice.

Simply, medical practices are almost always leaving money on the table.

AgilityMD is now offering a free billing and Accounts Receivable analysis to users of AdvancedMD. The goal is simple – to help practices identify opportunities for additional reimbursement as well as improve operational efficiencies.

AdvancedMD is a fantastic tool, but many practices do not utilize the tool to its fullest potential and therefore don’t maximize revenue collections for their medical practices. AgilityMD’s free analysis will review various areas of system utilization as well as transactional audits and key performance indicators to determine where there are opportunities for improvement. AgilityMD will also perform proprietary quality control audits which take snap shots of processed claims to determine if the claims were handled efficiently and properly.

Once the analysis has been completed, the AgilityMD team will meet with the practice to review the results of the analysis. When areas for improvement are identified, the AgilityMD team will outline the issues, and then present potential solutions based on our experience.

Solutions may be as simple has having internal staff adjust workflows or change system settings. More extensive issues may require a more in-depth solution to achieve the proper results. What’s important is that AgilityMD can provide a number of suggestions for both in-house and partnered options.

Information is power. AgilityMD gives you the information needed to make the best business decisions for your medical practice. To arrange for a free analysis for your medical practice, please simply contact us today.

About AgilityMD

AgilityMD is a division of PractiSource, LLC, a full-service medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) company dedicated to maximizing medical provider reimbursement with the highest levels of concierge-style customer service and support. The company provides services to physician groups and clinical laboratories. With offices in Springfield, Massachusetts and Tolland, Connecticut, PractiSource serves clients nationwide.

For more information about AgilityMD, please call 860-840-2244 or send an email to Please address any postal queries to PractiSource, LLC, 1350 Main St, 13th Floor, Springfield, MA 01103. Please visit for further information.

AdvancedMD is a trademark of AdvancedMD, Inc., South Jordan, Utah

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