There are many reasons medical practices using AdvancedMD™ consider outsourcing their billing – let’s take a look at a few:

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Some time ago the conventional thinking was that by outsourcing, a physician or practice administrator would suffer a loss of control over the practice. After all, once the charge data was sent to the billing service, there was no efficient way to track data in a comprehensive way. Limited and often meaningless printed reports were about all you could expect. 


How times have changed. Up to the minute financial, patient and system data is available 24/7/365 and provides you with detailed insight into your practice's health. Additionally, there are checks and balances in place which ensure both internal and external fiscal compliance. With AgilityMD, you don't only maintain control over your practice – you increase it.



How much is your time worth?

Does managing your office billing staff take time from your patient care? If not, are they being managed properly in a way that ensures maximum revenues? 


Our services not only make good business sense, but they also provide you with peace of mind and a substantial reduction in the day to day aggravations relating to systems, billing, insurance, managing or employee-related concerns and obligations.


Partnering with AgilityMD can increase financial performance, improve practice stability, and eliminate the associated headaches. We’ve got your back. 

If you don’t currently outsource your billing, or if you are questioning the performance of your current medical billing service, we suggest a FREE ANALYSIS to help determine your current financial health.

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